This film is a retrospective treasure hunt of a child refugee. 

Handala is a homeless 10-year old who never actually walked the earth. He is a 2-D character that appeared in 40,000 pieces of political caricature to point our gaze at the plight of Palestinians a few decades ago. 

His creator was gunned down in the 1980’s but no suspect has been arrested to date. Strangely, Handala continues to make new appearances today, in anonymous graffiti, tattoos, and subversive interpretations online. 

What is Handala trying to point our eyes to today? 

In this multimedia first-person documentary, filmmaker Mahmoud Kaabour will seek Handala’s reincarnations in various countries as a starting point to reflect on homelessness, the refugee crisis, and the shattered Palestinian dream. His story will be co-narrated by the homeless 10-year olds of today. 

As we connect the Handala dots around the world what can we learn about Generation H?



Writer/ Director: Mahmoud Kaabour Production: Alex Tondowski, Ira Tondowski