Die Aufklärer (Sex Education)

 Sex. It’s the thing that unites all of humanity. It makes us who we are, literally. It's essential to the survival of our race, with the potential to overwhelm us with pure, unthinking ecstasy. No one can avoid the subject, and yet for centuries it was taboo. But now it is everywhere and even on the official school curriculum; today's youngsters no longer whisper with their friends behind the bike shed but huddle over their smartphones, viewing free online pornography and explicit sex scenes made in Hollywood.

 How to teach the most mysterious yet omnipresent subject in the modern world? How to talk openly to youngsters about sex, relationships, lust and gender roles, and a whole cocktail of emotions, from excitement, helplessness, confusion and frustration to pure bliss? How to balance conflicting ideologies, political agendas and changing attitudes to sex and sexuality? Why has sex education hit crisis point, as overwhelmed parents and teachers face growing problems with 'sexting' and online mobbing, and soaring rates of unwanted pregnancies and STDs?

Cast and Crew

Cast and Crew

Writer/Director: Cosima Dannoritzer

Producers: Alex Tondowski Tondowski Films, Bettina Walter, Ira Tondowski Tondowski Films