The Gods of Molenbeek

The Molenbeek district of Brussels. A hellhole or jihadi capital to some, home sweet home to the 6 year-old boys Aatos and Amine. This is where they listen to the sound of spiders, discover black holes and quarrel over who gets to command the flying carpet that is to take them to the lands of their ancestors. They live in the same building, yet come from radically different worlds. Finland meets Morocco, atheism gently rubs shoulders with islam. Aatos’ en Amine’s gods are manyfold, invented or otherwise. They bring about playful theological discussions until the Brussels terrorist attacks rip a diverse yet harmonious world apart.Armed soldiers patrol the streets now, candles are lit in commemoration and bedtime stories evoke images of bodies blown to pieces. The two boys are searching for meaning and imagine being the last survivors, the strongest of them all. Until an expected twist reshapes their lives for good.The Gods of Molenbeek is a movie about friendship, loyalty, prophets and identity. And above all, about the ties that bind.

Cast and crew

Writer/Director: Reeta Huhtanen Producers: Hannu-Pekka Vitikainen, ZONE2 PICTURES, Finland    Co-Producers: Hanne Phlylo,Clin d'oeil Films, Belgium, Alex Tondowski/Iris Palluka, Tondowski Films, Germany