Russian filmmaker, Katja Fedulova, left Russia when she was 18, over 20 years ago. But the homeland which her grandmother died for as a war heroine haunts her. She returns back home with a big question: Are there still modern heroines in Russia? She finds three young, beautiful Russian women, women who fight for their country in different ways. Their struggle offers a complex picture of the modern Russian reality, full of dramatic, desperate, absurd, and funny moments. A Russia still struggling with the aftermath of perestroika and in search for a new identity. Fedulova takes a loving look at her old home, an unusual, female look, sometimes heartbreaking and always full of open ambivalence.

Original language: Russian

Subtitle: English, German

Length: 97 min.

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Crew and Cast:

Writer: Katja Fedulova, Calle Overweg Director: Katja Fedulova Producers: Ira Tondowski, Alex Tondowski  Line Producer Russia: Elena Lvova DoP: Sergei Amirdzhanov Sound: Elena Petrosyan 

Channel: ZDF - das kleine Fernsehspiel/ Milena Seibert, Burkhard Althoff

Supported by: FFA 2016

FAITH, HOPE, LOVE ran at ARTDOCFEST in competition in December 2017.