I WANT JUSTICE! is a portrait of 19-year-old Ekhlas Bajoo, who, at the age of 14, became a prisoner of the IS, survived the unimaginable, finally escaped after six months and came to Germany in 2015 as a refugee. Today Ekhlas loves to make music, to learn German, to spend time with her friends. And she is committed to human rights. She has pledged to become a lawyer and advocate justice.

Our film I WANT JUSTICE! tells of people who have experienced war, of women and children who have been victims of unimaginable human rights abuses, of fragmented families, of homeland and escape, and of the unbelievable strength, joy and optimism of one survivors. In doing so, the film almost casually oscillates around an important question of our time, who actually has the right to a new life and who does not?

Length: 46 min.

Original language: Kurdish, German

Subtitle: German, English



Director/ Writer: Nuray Sahin Co-Director/ Co-Writer: Ira Tondowski Producers: Ira Tondowski, Alex Tondowski DoP: Anastasja Trofimova, Jakob Wehrmann Editor: Annika Mayer Sound: Emil Morgenstern, Shahram Ahmadian Music: Ahmed Qafour Sound Design: Hannes Marget

A production for German Public broadcaster ZDF/ ARTE, Comissioning Editor: Udo Bremer